Sunday, January 20, 2013

November and December 2012

Chaz, Santana, Elijah, Zoey, Cashton and Marc, Kasey, Colton, Kylie, Maddie came the week before Thanksgiving. We had lots of fun.
Thanksgiving 021

Thanksgiving 019

Thanksgiving 012

Thanksgiving 008

Thanksgiving 010

Thanksgiving 007

Thanksgiving 006

Thanksgiving 002

Thanksgiving 015
We set off balloons for Jimmy’s birthday
Heidi and Keaton Church christmas party balloons to Jimmy 008

Heidi and Keaton Church christmas party balloons to Jimmy 009
December found us at the Church for a Christmas dinner. Kristi, Misty, Larry, Travis and his friend joined us. It was a fun night.
Heidi and Keaton Church christmas party balloons to Jimmy 002
Of course Santa and Ms. Claus were there for the kids.
Heidi and Keaton Church christmas party balloons to Jimmy 001
Keaton got the Superintendent’s award again the 2nd 6th weeks, all A’s and perfect attendance.
Keaton 2nd quarter award 001
Christmas came
Christmas 003
We had Cecil, Kristi, Misty, Larry, Keaton, Diana (Cecil’s mother) and Linda (Larry’s mother) over for Christmas Eve. We had pizza, pie and fun.
Christmas 006

Christmas 007

Christmas 008
Of course we had to get our new pajamas. Kristi and Misty got Diana and Linda matching gowns.
Christmas 009
The boys got matching pajamas
Christmas 010
The girls got matching ones too. And of course Keaton got a Hello Kitty gown.
Christmas 011
Christmas morning, Heidi, Keaton, Cecil and Kristi were at our house to open gifts.
Christmas 013

Christmas 016

Christmas 017

Christmas 015
Christmas 005
November and December were fun months.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Joyce & Lynda came for a visit, Halloween, Visit to Baton Rouge

 Joyce arrived on October 24
 Keaton loved Aunt Joyce

Lynda arrived October 26

 We rode the MULE
 We made sweatjackets from sweatshirts

 Ate chinese food
 Went to the Paris Effiel Tower
 Had a birthday dinner

Had Clarksville cinnamon rolls

 We had manicures and pedicures
 We talked
 We made birthday cupcakes
 Got a beautiful, delicious birthday cake

We had a great time, hadn't been together in a long time.
Enjoyed trick or treat
 Misty, Larry, Tanner, Bayleigh and Aunt Joyce
 Another year older
 Our beautiful girls
 Went to Baton Rouge and saw Liz and Kathy
 Kathy and her Dad (our brother Bill)
 Joyce, Bill, Wilma and Loyce
 Joyce, Bill and Loyce
 Glenn and Gavin have a lightsaver battle
 David and his grandpa
 Another Birthday cake, very delicious
 Dot the sweet dog
 The cat in the highest perch
 Kathy and Bill
 The pool-to cold to go swimming
 Mary, David and Gavin (Darth Vadar)
Haven't been together in a very long time.
Thanks everyone for a wonderful visit and birthday